You Never Know When Great Things Will Happen…

Great News For RM Irish Jewels from the Irish Echo Newspaper!

My great friend Timothy J Dunleavy nominated me to the Irish Echo for one of the 2014 Irish American Small Businesses.

Madeline at the #Irish Echo told me that Tim wrote his entry with very brief wording “She is a wee lass that imports Artisan jewelry from across the pond!”  Madeline told me they laughed so hard and then knew they had to look me up.

There will be 25 #Award Winners and RM Irish Jewels will be one of them on April 25th in NYC! I am so excited!  (Last year they had 50 but reduced it to only 25 this year.)

They will also feature all 25 in the newspaper that week to get the word out. Below please find the email that I received from the Irish Echo.



My 1/2 day Volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NEW YORK

My 1/2 day Volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NEW YORK.

My 1/2 day Volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NEW YORK

Through my friend, Gail Copobianco and her connection with Holy Cross College, my boyfriend Jerry and I became volunteers today at the Regional Food Bank.  I wanted to get involved in this to see if I could help them raise funds like my “Horses For the Homeless” program.

We arrived at 10 a.m. and were given a purple tie dyed T-Shirt.  The Volunteer Coordinator, M.E. Mazur explained to us that this regional food bank collects large donations of food from the food industry and distributes it to charitable agencies serving hungry and disadvantaged people in 23 NY counties.  The food bank donates over 30 million pounds of food per year to 1,000 agencies.  It is the only agency of its kind in Northeastern #NY.

We broke into 3 groups…(1) Quality Control, (2) Sorting (3) Packing

Group (1), Quality Control had to go through the bins and separate the good items from the trash and put the good items on a table behind them.

Group (2), Sorting (which we were in) had us taking the food from the first group and placing it into categories on another table.

Group (3) Packing had to package the items into banana boxes with a variety of items.  The box is then weighed and marked.

It was amazing the energy in the group.  We were all going in different directions and the 2 hours went so fast.

M.E. Mazur then explained to us that all of this food is already spoken for in the agencies.  By the end of the week, the needy people will have eaten it all by then.  Holy God!  That’s a lot of disadvantaged people just in this small area of coverage and that’s a large amount of food and volunteers needed.

And we only worked 2 hours but we felt we did something good today for someone. 

The #Food Bank was extremely grateful and M. E. and I are going to discuss further opportunities.

Thank you @Gail Copobianco for inviting us!

Enjoy the pictures!

Ronnie McCluskey – RM Irish Jewels-





My Oldest Shamrock!

I was fortunate enough to be flown to Florida by my great friend, Bobbie for not only a #jewelry show but for St. Patrick’s day!

While I was there at the St. Patrick’s day celebration, Bobbie introduced me to a gentleman named Royal.  He is 92 years young with a full head of hair and a great personality.  

Royal wanted to purchase a sterling silver #horse pendant for his granddaughter from my RM Irish Jewels collection. It seems that Royal owns a 125 acre horse farm on Martha’s Vineyard.  When I told him about my charitable program called “Horses For The Homeless”, Royal was thrilled that $10 of the money spent on this pendant would go to the #CODE BLUE homeless shelter here in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The next day I brought the horse pendant to his apartment in Florida.  Royal has an eye condition called Macular Degeneration which makes it very hard for him to see especially close up .  He took out a piece of equipment that looked like a toy camera and it enabled him to see the detail on this pendant.  It was amazing! Great technology!

Once the pendant was purchased, Royal became my oldest SHAMROCK at 92 years young and was inducted into “The Shamrock Club” here at RM Irish Jewels.  When I told Royal he was now in the “Shamrock Club”, he asked “how much are the annual dues?”  I replied, no annual dues and Royal says’ What the heck type of club is that!”  YOU GOTTA LOVE SHAMROCKS AT ANY AGE!!!ImageImage

Here are a few pictures of Florida and Royal!


Ronnie McCluskeyImageImage